Whynot International it's simply … whynot!

About us

We specialise in database marketing services for the jewellery industry. Building repeat business
through one-to-one personalised communications directed to your existing retail customers.

As jewellery valuers, we develop software systems to enable valuers to work better, smarter, faster.

Experience in retail - jewellery - gemmology - marketing - computer technology - franchising and business
development give us a great understanding of how to make technology work to build your business.

What we do around here

Whynot Media have been involved in the Australian jewellery industry for many years.

We have combined a lifetime of jewellery experience, software development, business
and system development, franchising and marketing to create a business focused on
helping you market your jewellery store efficiently, effectively and with a minimum of
your effort through direct mail postcards and personalised emails.

We focus on 2 things:

      – getting your message directly to your customers in a very personalised way,

      – building great jewellery valuation software.

Most importantly, it is about helping you build your business.

If you would like to know more about marketing your jewellery business, please contact us.

Where to find us

Whynot International Pty. Ltd.
Suite 51, Seabridge House
377 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:   0430-311-311
Email:    office@whynot.net.au